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Sprinkler System Servicing

Fire sprinkler system servicing and maintenance

Routine fire sprinkler servicing is crucial for ensuring that your system remains in good working order and will operate effectively in the event of an emergency.

As an LPC 1048 approved company, CT Fire Protection provides the highest levels of system servicing which is undertaken by knowledgeable and experienced engineers. Our comprehensive fire sprinkler servicing packages enable you to be assured that your systems will be professionally serviced and maintained at the frequencies required by current standards and regulations.

With a dedicated fire sprinkler servicing and maintenance department we are able to provide a servicing package tailored to your individual requirements, to ensure your fire sprinkler system remains fully compliant at all times. Our servicing and maintenance contracts are electronically monitored enabling us to contact you before your servicing is due to arrange a visit at your convenience.

Should any system faults occur, they can be resolved conveniently and effectively using our call out system. We aim to attend all emergency call outs within 4 hours to contracted customers.

Fire sprinkler servicing is imperative to ensure your equipment performs correctly in an emergency and is also an insurance requirement. Failure to adhere to the correct service schedule can affect an insurance claim should your equipment fail to operate.

Servicing sprinkler system tanks - before and after
Before and after servicing photos of a sprinkler system tank

Contact us to request a quote and arrange a service visit. If you are unsure of your servicing requirements contact us for further information.